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  Language Courses

Work Placements


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Cultural Experiences

 Trinity Exam Courses

We are an educational charity working with schools, vocational education providers, teachers and individuals.

We have over 30 years experience of working with international partners including EU funded programmes such as ERASMUS+ , Leonardo and Grundtvig.

We provide;

  • Traineeships and work placements in the UK
  • English Language Courses
  • Work and Cultural Preparation Courses
  • Trinity Examination Courses
  • Courses for Teachers


ECTARC has been providing language training for  EU funded participants, teachers, privately funded groups and individuals since 1988. We offer a range of language courses and we are a TRINITY exam centre

Work with us

We have long standing successful working relationships with many of our European Partners, placement providers and accommodation hosts. We welcome new international partners and individuals and welcome enquiries from UK partner organisations and accommodation hosts

Traineeships & Work Placements

We arrange traineeships and placements in a wide variety of sectors depending on your particular needs and language level

“We are so thankful the work you do and your support for our students. For us it is a huge pleasure to work with you as an Erasmus-Partner.”    

Monika Süß-Michel

Partner Frankfurt, Germany